Saturday, October 3, 2009


Here I am sitting in class, it is weird, it is miserable, I don’t know why I am sitting in class. Somehow I feel wasted, and screwed. My mind doesn’t work, my heart doesn’t pound anymore.. I was living, someone told me last night I need to live again. Where is all the vigor? Where has all my interest gone? I feel , I can’t put it in words… I feel weak, and completely bored with life. I feel like I don’t want to survive, I want this course to get over… I thought MBA was the best time in someone’s life, for me it is turning out to be the worst. I cannot seem to figure out what is going wrong.. I somehow can… It seems pointless. Life’s a bitch… I can’t get sleep, it takes me an hour to fall asleep after lying down, the smiles are fake, the smiles are a cover for what is inside – I feel I have no one who understands me… Everyone around me seems to be running ahead at a faster pace than I am, everyone around me seems to be charging ahead, and look at me stuck where I am… it feels more bad, it feels worse, just an addition to my woes. God! When will this end… This is not me.. This is so not me.. I somehow miss my life, I wish I could turn back time… Sigh L


I came to this course with great energy... I feel I am not doing justice to the course.. I feel I am doing nothing, and I am wasted.. there's something missing, I know what it is, which is out of my hands and control...Sigh...