Sunday, June 29, 2008

Mind & People....

Is understanding someone so difficult??? Why do people say they understand you, but later you feel they dont understand you one bit... Why do people, do things that you dont like saying they are doing it for your good... Why do people, be happy with you, but the moment you expect something out of them , they do exactly something, that you dont want... why do people,who you like make you feel so empty... why do people, not do what they feel and do things, for others... why are people so confused, and not know what they want... why do people, think one rough patch is the end of all... why do people not know how to handle confrontations... why do people be partial and take you for granted... why do people make you feel shallow and demeaned as ever... why do people not understand what is right/wrong, and still claim to be close to you... why do people, want something and do something else.... why are people so not prone to changes... why dont people get over the past... why dont people want to accept reality... why do people set double standards... why do people do and say things for the moment, and make all extinct the time the moment is over... Why do people, while knowing you still say they dont know you... People... and the mind... the 2 biggest traitors in life!!!

Sunday, June 15, 2008

The appraisals....

Its been a long hard one and half years for all of us, from the Sept 4th batch, the most wanted(for all the wrong reasons)... It has been a mxed experience for all of us. A lot of talk has happened on how, good /bad the apapaisals would be... Patni is a low payer than all other IT companies in the market.. and with the market being low we didnt know what to expect... It has comee out well, for me atleast with money not being the criteria... I wanted a good, name, a good rating an I got it.... good appraisals in my terms, a wee bit disappointing, with probably justifiable reasons... So we went and celebrated... on friday night, in a pub called XTC. We were regulars, there, had a lot of fun... Arun, myself Anubhav, Vishwesh, and Sudipta A.k.a Dada... All's well, the aggression is on, going forward, would be a new page in the book... A lot of me that people dont know, is going to be seen... I think Govind, knows that, and Arun knows. With high hopes, I head into the next year... :-)

Monday, June 9, 2008

Ronaldo-Will he move???

I wished for a holiday today, it didnt happen... Finally the traffic got to me this morning... I am in a little different state of mind, with respect to yesterday, probably cos it is a Monday morning. The Euro's have kicked off, I am rooting for the Portugese and the Azzuri's. Portugal, has played its game, won it... the Azzuri's face the dutch tonight. I was going through the articles, about the portugese victory, about Ronaldo being given the captain's arm band. I am proud about it, he is a Manchester United player. I have the Red Devil Blood in my veins. The question being, he wants to leave, and wants to leave to a club called Real Madrid, which I hate only for the reason that it regularly buys, the best players from Manchester United... I am a little, wary about this transfer, I dont want Ronaldo to leave... He needs to be at this club, he needs to stay here, for himself, for the fans, and for the club...!!!! Just hoping, Ronnie, is wise, and stays back at Old Trafford.. after all we won the double this year.... Sigh!!!

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Rains the arrives :-)

After a torturous 3 months with the heat, the rains have finally hit Bombay... and me is the elated!! We have been bracing oursleves for this for a while... Thursday was the day, when the rains hit Mumbai, and brought along with it... traffic. It took me a couple of hours plus to reach, home, but the weather overshadowed the disappointments of the delay. Friday, was normal, not too bad. Drinks with the boss was accompanied by a little bit of rain. The weekend is worth mentioning, it was raining all the time. I promised De that I shall not talk about my Saturday afternoon with her, but, I cant help myself. Im sorry De. She dragged me across half of Thane, in the rain, lost her moms umbrella, made me buy one as well. Apart from all this, convinced me to have Pani-puri in the rain. Sunday it is today, its rained a lot more than any of he previous days... I wrote my mock and came back for lunch, only to find, the dry, drab neighbourhood of mine was lush green. I couldnt help myself from taking a few Photos:::!!! This ones the one from my room on the 7th floor. We got wet in the rain as well, had a nice kilometer walk in the evening, after getting drenched. I have not loved the rain more. I am just waiting to see what the month brings along... Sunday night, we are all praying, for a holiday tomorrow.