Monday, March 31, 2008


I just thought of the first incident last night at dinner, and it brought me back a lot of old time memories:

- Beer mixed with pepper and salt - Shreya - Zanzibar
- I lost my phone battery cover - Nikhil - Speed
- French fries at 4 AM - Shreya, you definitely know when this was.
- Anna.. Burger na 2 bun - Nikhil - Eatalica - not difficult to guess what state I was in...
- Bollywood night - Bikes - Shreya and Neha and Mahaneeya without her purse...(She lost it)
- Akka Kadai - third Sem - Saturday - Special class - Ciggy... - Paul - One moremysterious person
Thats all i would like to mention... though there are a million more... I miss you guys big big time!!

Friday, March 21, 2008


Ok.... Holi it is...and I guess I am at the place where I need to be... Delhi!!! I hadn't been to this place for about 15 years till day before yesterday... Its ok.. Im ok with the place... though I am doing a lot of lazing around... Landed in at 11 PM... on wednesday... slept and got up at 11 the next morning...nice feeling when the rest are workng their asses off at work..... I was at home till afternoon... and then headed out to the parliament house in the evening.. the house seriously kicks some ass.. Uncle's the Director of External Affairs in the Parliament house... courtsey to him I got an entry into the Lok Sabha... its awesome...... Came back home at 6 in the evening.. Had dad's friend and his children coming over, for dinner... As I expected.. Shiuli, Zebu (Dad's friends children) and I headed out separately to TGIF... I got back to their place at 1:00... I was up till 5 talking to them... Havent slept... That ends Day 1 in Delhi... I have lazed around throughout the day... Went for a drive with uncle in the evening... There are people home.. who keep mentioning the fact that wen they saw me the last time, I was 3 years old!!!... its funny, but its ok... I am all set to play Holi....!!!!

Thursday, March 13, 2008

A mixed bag of emotions!!

There is too much happening around me at the moment... Stuff at work, is back to as normal as it was... the mentor sorted shit out, like nothing had happened...That's so the usual.... Arun and I back on normal terms again... I have the senti message he sent me saved in my inbox.. He is so sure he is gonna repent it for life... that is the high for this week... things are back to square one, I love my work, and love my team... in good spirits for the BU meet tomorrow... This is all yesterday - the happiness in giving Ms. Soumya the news that she was on the waiting list for glakes was clubbed, with the sorrow that I wasn't... Skit is on for the BU Meet... there is a lot of masti happening... The low's..... Dad s terribly unwell... Delhi trip seems to be scrapped for now though mom is pushing me to go ahead and take a break for 4 days.... Its not about Delhi... It s about spending some quality time with folks that i really wanted to... Anyways, thats heights of confusion... TISS interview dates are out... 15th April it is... a month to go... I have been there earlier, but didnt make it, so thats a worry on how TISS is gonna come through... If TISS doesn't I am happy with work, i would love to be here for a year... at the same time, would want to get into TISS, have been gunning for this for 3 years now.... All this is one day, is too much to handle... Arun was trying his best to make me smile... Appreciate the efforts of the guy... I finally did... I know I need three persons now around me to talk to... Mr. KLZ - He's in Mumbai on Saturday... Apart from him I dont think ill get to talk to the other 2 ... Ms. Silveranklets and Ms. Schmetterling... Miss you guys...

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Screwed, Confused!! grrr....

I am in a sad state at the moment... One of the days when i really want to pen down exacly my state of mind at the moment... Frustrated, irritated, confused, scared, angry, its all me at the moment... Glakes didnt happen, thought i gave my best interview of all times...Man United lost, a small low point over the weekend.... negligible... had a tiff with the boss... my mentor... the last thing i needed.... to sum it all up, a huge fight with this guy called Arun, my best bud, my closest over 2 years...I just hope i come through this, this has been so fa the worst weekend of the year...

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Top Down Under

This is truly unbelievable.... I wrote of the Indian team, when the dropped, Sourav and Rahul for the tri-series.... The young team is fantastic... after all the spat the team has received, in Australia, they have responded, in the perfect way... The Aussies have been humiliated... Ricky ponting said that, his team wouldnt need 3 games to win the tri series... 3 games were not needed... it was all wrapped up in 2 games, not by the Aussies, but by the Indians... Sach was absolutely amazing, he was at his best.... The only sad part was, he was out in the 90's for the 7th time in last 1 year.... We seriously kicked some ass in the finals.... Team India has done us proud, we only hope that, the consistency remains..... I still hope Sourav and Rahul find a place in the team, they are, the best in Indian Cricket even today.... After the bachcha's won the World cup, we wrapped up in style.... Cricket has given us a lot to smile about over the last 3 days..... Hoping for many more to come!!!!