Saturday, December 13, 2008


I do not know what the caption means, I do not know what life means, I do not know what world means, I do not know what love means.... I do not know anything, nothing, everything, nobody, somebody, anybody.... Well that is what this is , do I even know what I am writing here??? How does it feel when life backfires on your face, how does it feel when everynight you go to bed, you got a thought in your mind, when you wake up, you think exactly the opposite... how do you feel when you know within yourself that you are an extremely vulnerable, defenseless, susceptible, and you hit rock bottom... you find yourself probably 10 feet inside the ground, you itch on doing things you cant wish on a million things which dont happen... you like the glossy outside picture, but you feel sick, franctic, frenzied from within.... You know your true self from inside, you can hide that from the world - at the same time you run from yourself... What do you do when you see your inner conscience laughing at you... I wouldnt say laughing, but I would say ridiculing, mocking.... Its insane, I dont know... It is like the world is at one end and you at the other.... it is like my nerves my heart, my brain, my body is all strectchin two ways apart... and pulling you down... What do i do, what do i do, what do i do.... its like a bell that rings for eternity...

Monday, December 1, 2008

If you fear the men who came by the boat, fear also the men who came by vote!!!

Views, Outlook, analysis, scrutiny, feedback, statements...loads of them over one week. The attacks at Mumbai are the hot topic, they need to be, 10 men brougt the city to a standstill... 10 is the number given, dont know how many there were... Post the incident we saw a lot of top heads rolling, the ministers resigned, no one had any answers to what had happened... No one wanted to be answerable, they saw resignation as a way to get out of all this.... this doesnt solve our problem does it?? Are we safe?? Answer - a big NO!!! I heard this today : " All the top politicians have security, and if the government cant give us security, give us our guns so that we can protect ourselves". It is really lucid... politicians, are not doing anything-the opposition blames the party in power, does not want to do anything about the situation. I know one thing, even if the opposition was in power, the same things would have happened. We dont have good options to choose from, all want the power without responsibility.... I am sorry to say, I am ashamed of people in politics today... They let the country down... :-(