Saturday, October 11, 2008


Expectations - One of the most common topics of discussion. Everyone has expecations, parents from their children and vice versa, people in relationships have expectations from each other.... Talking about the latter, the lady feels man always has a lot of expectation from her, the man feels the same.... Talking about it to my best bud about issues confronted, i came up with a conclusion that the most vital thing to do at anytime in a relationship is to sit down and converse... converse, with an open mind, be ready to listen, hear out your partner.... Looking into a lot of arguments that people have in relationships, most of them are unnecessary, useless... Only if you could sit down and talk and come to a mutual conclusion all of them can be avoided... if not all most of them... Love with happiness is important, as one of my friend writes up her blog, I agree... happinees is the most important thing, but the road to happiness has seldom been thought about...
Being Negative about fights is the worst thing you can do... cos fights happen due to expectations that are not met... It would be more sensible to think about how to avoide the situation going forward, making your point clear, in the most amicable way... than brooding about the past... Committment... If you are in it commit to it, dont think about anything else... this is it... aggression is desired to the maximum.... Work on a relationship... its for the good, look forward and look positive, and trust me it pays over the long run.... Work together cos its about you and someone else... trust the person you are with to understand you-the aggression comes in there... And always believe that no one is perfect - all can be wrong... everyone... Its you who make the best out of your partner, dont give up on him/her... if he/she is the one...

Might sound like a stupid write up... implement these... it does all a world of good... Parents, Girlfriend, everyone!!! Cheers!

???? Clueless!!!

Haven't blogged in over 2 months, I have the guilt within me of not blogging. It has been a rough ride over two months, tides turned, situations confronted me I saw a lot of happiness and a lot of sorrow. I was talking to my friend yesterday, and yes we picked on the most common topic relationships.... Discussing for about half an hour, I was in office-8:30 PM it was, I was tired after 12 hours of work. Concluding , we decided that all relationships have issues, and the ones who say they dont are faking. Loads of thoughts came up, loads of issues come up, the most commonly being expectations. I realised on thing at the end of it, expectations are very different from wither end, the man and the lady.... No 2 individuals in a relationship are similar, cos no 2 individuals are similar... basically signifying, however good the relationship is, the people in it are no way similar... each individual is different and it is undersanding, that is the basis of the relationship.